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Website Design | Digital

Do you need to get your business, service or product online? Or perhaps your website is a few years old and needs a revamp or complete redesign? Kimberley Bloom Design can build you a beautiful, professional and affordable website that is custom designed for your needs. Whether you require just a simple informative landing page, a blog site, a digital portfolio to showcase your photography or art, an e-commerce site so you can sell your products, or a website that contains all the bells and whistles…I can help you achieve your goals. If you need additional items such a logo and brochure, we can create a 'bundle deal’ to save you money and ensure you get the most for it.

Or perhaps you already have a website but want to reach your customers regularly through an electronic newsletter advising them of special offers, new products or simply to say ‘we miss you’. I can do that – plus web banners, web advertising and social media tiles – too. 

Squarespace – why we use it

We design most of our clients websites using Squarespace (we also design in Shopify if that is your preferred e-commerce platform). There are many reasons we choose to use Squarespace, but the main reason is so our clients can take control of and maintain their own website afterwards with EASE and without unnecessary stress, complications and additional costs. Squarespace is very user-friendly software – much more so than Wordpress – so regardless of your technical ability, you will have the confidence to edit, update and maintain your own website without having to continually outsource updates to a professional which will ultimately save you money.

Squarespace is an all-in-one, safe and secure platform that is SEO & mobile optimised and takes care of all updates automatically. Squarespace host all their websites, so once your website it built and live, you don’t have to worry about a plug-in that has expired (and therefore stopped working) or a theme that needs updating – Squarespace manages all that back-end stuff without bothering you with the details.

If I had a dollar for every time a client said to me “we have a great Wordpress website but I find the software far too complicated to navigate, so I outsource even the most basic of changes to a Wordpress expert which is continually costing me money”…then I’d be able to buy really expensive pair of shoes!

So let us do the time consuming ‘techy’ part of building it for you and getting it perfecto, then you can take it from there. All our website builds includes a one-hour, one-on-one Squarespace training session where we will show you around the content management system of your your new site, ensuring you’re confident to take the reins. Of course, if you’d prefer to have someone do the updates for you, we can keep hold of the reins!

Professional 2-3 page websites from as little as $500 (excluding Squarespace hosting fees/domain registration fees). Get in touch today and let’s discuss getting you and your business online!

Kim has an eye for meticulous detail that in my busy, chaotic life was exactly the gem I needed to portray a sense of organised, spaciousness for my websites that represents the essence of the deeper work that I do as a Therapist and Teacher. In working with Kim, I got so much more than just aesthetically beautiful websites, she gathered up all the scattered components of my business life and created a high-functioning epicentre that has filtered through - and cleaned up - all aspects of my business. I just wish that I could get her to weave the same magic in all other areas of my life!
— Lissie Turner, The Yoga Shack