Our work


We design most of our clients websites using Squarespace. The main reason for this is so our clients can take control of and maintain their own website afterwards with EASE and without complications (it is MUCH more user-friendly than Wordpress). Squarespace is a safe and secure platform, is SEO optimised, takes care of all updates automatically, is mobile optimised and has e-commerce and blogging features. If only I had a dollar for every time a client said to me “we have a great Wordpress website but I find the software far too complicated to maintain myself, so I outsource even the most basic of changes to a Wordpress expert which is continually costing me money”. So let us do the time consuming ‘techy’ part of building it for you,  then you can take it from there. Professional 2-3 page websites from as little as $500 (excl. hosting fees). Get in touch today and let’s get you and your business online!

Annual reports, Prospectus, Tenders, long documents

If you’re presenting important company data to existing customers or trying to win new business…then it’s imperative you have a document that conveys the information professionally and beautifully. They say ‘a picture says a thousand words’, and an annual report, prospectus or tender document is essentially a ‘picture’ of your company and its attributes. With many years experience in the corporate sector, Kimberley Bloom Design can design a visually appealing document that conveys all the necessary data clearly and concisely, whilst maintaining hawk-like attention to detail.

Marketing Collateral

A well designed product or marketing brochure or flyer can be the difference between someone visiting your store, buying your product, calling for your service….or not! First impressions count – when someone picks up your marketing collateral they will form an opinion of you, your product or your service, within a few seconds. Let us design marketing collateral for your business that you can be proud of; knowing that your product or service is being shown in its best light. If you require professional photography or illustration to support your collateral, we can handle all that for you too. And with our many local and interstate contacts in the printing industry, we can obtain competitive print quotes and manage the entire process for you. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, then put your feet up and relax!


Press/print ads, digital/web ads, shop window advertising, billboards, bus shelters, expo/roadshow stands…it’s important to convey your brand, your product or service and your message quickly and clearly because a lot of advertising is flicked past, scrolled past or driven by in a matter of seconds. Let us capture your target market with effective communication through advertising – in print or online.


Yes, prospective clients and customers DO judge a book by its cover! Product packaging plays a very important role in the choice a consumer makes. You may have an exceptional product but if the packaging it comes in is less than ordinary and doesn’t convey the essence of the brand and product succinctly…AND if it’s positioned next to a beautifully packaged product…well unfortunately, because many consumers are drawn to eye-candy, they will pick up the pretty packaged product instead! If you have a product that needs some new clothes or an existing product that needs a makeover, then connect with us and let’s talk!

Logo Design & Branding

A logo is one of the most important branding investments you can make for your business (albeit only one facet of an identity) because it is essentially the digital ‘face’ of your business. It should be powerful enough to convey your vision and personality, clear and uncomplicated, and easily recognisable to build brand recognition. A professionally designed logo can also instil trust in your business and product or services. Combine your logo with ‘look, feel and sound’ facets such as imagery style, fonts, colour palette, tagline and language, and you then have a brand identity.